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Tanning Beds Continue to Raise Concerns

By Lorraine Fuss Many people are afraid of becoming ill with cancer, and it is only logical to avoid as many risk factors as possible.  However, a risk factor for melanoma, one of the most lethal forms of cancer, is... Continue Reading →

Genetically Modified Foods Should Have Labels

By Olivia Rooker When it comes to buying food, many people look at the ingredients on the package to see what is in the food they are buying. Some people want to put labels on foods that contain genetically modified ingredients,... Continue Reading →

Gun Control Should Slowly be Implemented into System

By Tyler Haga The issue of whether or not gun control should be implemented into the justice system is very controversial among many Americans across the U.S. Liberals commonly believe that gun control should be quickly implemented to save lives... Continue Reading →

Rap Fest Brings Musicians Together

By Tyler Haga The Rap Soul Music Fest, held this year at the Rapid City Events Center, is a place where local and mainstream rappers can come and bring people together. The concert, which featured local rappers, started at 12... Continue Reading →

Is Golf a Sport?

By Tyler Haga According to and, golf in the United States is a $70 billion annual industry with 24.1 million players and supporting more than $55.6 billion in annual wage income. The debate over whether or not golf... Continue Reading →

Shawn Hayford Gets Youth Involved in Unicycle Club

By Michael Haupt Ever rode a bike and popped a wheelie? Its hard to maintain balance right? Imagine having to do that when there is only one wheel on the bike itself, always having to maintain perfect balance or fall.... Continue Reading →

Americans Should Have the Right to Carry Guns

By Michael Haupt In the last 37 years, almost a quarter of a million Americans have lost their lives with firearm. According to the Bureau of Justice, about 64% of the deaths by fire arm are crime related. According to... Continue Reading →

Teen CERT Prepares for Disasters

By Lorraine Fuss How many families were properly prepared for the Atlas storm in October of 2013? Many Rapid City residents were not prepared with an emergency disaster plan. Teen CERT is a national program sponsored by the Federal Emergency... Continue Reading →

Earth Science Teaches About the Environment

By Jamie Shoop According to South Dakota Department of Education Graduation Handbook, in order to graduate, students need to have 3 credits of lab science as of 2009. One possibility for science credit is Earth Science.  Earth Science encompasses information... Continue Reading →

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